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Linksys SPA9000 Configuration

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1 Configure SPA9000

1.1 Configure the WAN setup

a)    Connect your PC to the SPA 9000 Ethernet port (Yellow).
b)    With a browser connect to:
c)    In the lower left-hand corner of the page click on Admin Login and then click Advanced.
d)    Select the Wan Setup tab.
e)    Under Internet Connection Settings select “Static IP”.
f)    Under Static IP Settings enter your “Static IP, Gateway & NetMask” settings for your public IP.
g)    Under Optional Settings enter your “Primary DNS” and “Secondary DNS” server addresses.
h)    Click Submit All Changes. (Note: The SPA9000 Reboots after clicking Submit All Changes)


1.2 Configure the Voice Setup

1.2.1 Confirm your Call Routing Rule

Under the “SIP tab”, look for PBX Parameters and then Call Routing Rule: ensure this is data filled to route calls to the appropriate & corresponding VoIP lines. In this example there are 2 VoIP lines: L1 and L2.

1.2.2 Confirm your Dial Plan

Under the same tab scroll to the bottom of the page until PBX Phone Parameters section and ensure the Phone Dial Plan: is data filled correctly and corresponds with your Dial Plan: in the Line Configuration section (L1L2, etc)


1.2.3 Line Configuration

The SPA 9000 has 4 VoIP lines which you can configure according to your needs. Using “ Line 1” as an example, configure your voipGATE line to the following.

a)    From the Voice Tab select Line (1-4)
b)    Ensure that Line Enable is set to “yes”.
c)    Under SIP Settings set SIP Transport to “UDP” and SIP Port to “5060”
d)    In the Subscriber Information field for Display Name enter “voipGATE” (or your choice).
e)    In the User ID box enter your voipGATE User ID in this case: “voipgateline01”
f)    In the Password box enter your voipGATE User Password.
g)    Select “yes” for Use Auth ID.
h)    In the Auth ID box enter the same as in step e) in this case “voipgateline01”
i)    In the Contact List area enter a destination for inbound calls on this trunk. (The default setting is “aa” for the auto-attendant) Enter 1xx to route to a specific extension, in this case: extensions “101” & “102”
j)    The Dial Plan field depends on your company’s internal dial plan.

NOTE: Further support and information regarding Line Answer pattern (Auto Attendant, Call Hunting, Direct Call etc), configuration and other scenarios can be sourced from

k)    In the Proxy and Registration field for Proxy enter: “”
l)     Leave Outbound Proxy field empty
m)   Select “no” for Use Outbound Proxy
n)    For Register select “yes”
o)    For Make Call Without Reg select “no”
p)    For Ans Call Without Reg select “no”
q)    Set Register Expires to “3600”
i)    Click Submit All Changes. (Note: The SPA9000 will Reboot)

Repeat the configuration for each Line required on the SPA 9000.

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